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Great time!

You all sounded great the other night, good music from good people! I’ll be seeing you at The Budwieser RibFest Memorial Day weekend.



I always enjoy listening to bands that have fun…God Bless You All…

Larry Gerst

Boulevard Blues Band Rocks!

Steve, you and the band have an amazing sound. Love it! Hope to hear you again soon. 🙂


Valerie Whitsell

digging ya blues

You guys are one of the best bands I have seen since our group “Oh Brother” whom are also available for immediate bookings!! Oh yea, you guys are pretty good too. Keep rocking! Steve, is that your granddaughter singing?

John carney

New Videos

I’m really happy with the new videos. Can’t wait to get more loaded.

Steve Walker

Awesome Band!

We always have a great time whenever they play! Every person in the band is very talented, and we look forward to hearing them play at Rib Fest!

Kathrine Gottschall

PIctures From Moonshine 7/10/2015

sounded Great thanks for letting Me take some Pictures

Donnie Chandler

This band ROCKs

This band ROCKS ! Great song selection and the singer brings down the house with every note she sings !!!


So impressed with this band

I am so impressed with this band. It is great that our neighborhood is made up of such talent. They never fail to blow me away and Mariah is such an AWESOME singer. I enjoy their website and the photography is really great.

Connie Staiger


This band has a soothing sound and is enjoyable to watch!

Ron Gallagher


I love hearing you all play, We love having you at the Winebar you always bring a great crowd and a good time!

Calli Lafolette

Outstanding Local Talent!!

I catch the Boulevard Blues Band every chance I get. Their sets are always great and their sound is one of a kind!!

Matt Crowe

Packed bar = $$$

Thanks for packing the place yet again. It’s great exposure for us having your friends come in who normally wouldn’t otherwise. I can’t wait to get you guys back.


Awesome time

Thanks for rocking the bar last week. Biggest crowd we’ve had in a while. Sorry we couldn’t get you in the courtyard. I can’t wait to get you back during Ribfest.

John Meares